Ensuring the quality of our service is an essential part of our continued development. We have a number of quality control routines and a common example is that we always revisit completed projects with our customers. – Because satisfied customers will generally return, we place a great deal of importance on determining our customers’ experience of our skills, engagement, our service ethic and how we communicate and collaborate, explains Anneth Nordstrand, Managing Director at ADRiTEL. Of the customers we surveyed, 68.4% were returning customers and all, so 100%, of them could envision engaging ADRiTEL on another project. The respondents graded the company based on five criteria on a scale between 1 and 6 (with 6 as the highest score); the average score across the board was 5.2. – We are extremely pleased with the results of our survey and it gives us the necessary incentive to keep improving and innovating, concludes Anneth Nordstrand.

Customer Survey

Cooperation During Projects 5,3
Availability During Projects 5,3
Involvement In The Project 5,1
Updates During Project 5,1
Keeping Agreements 5,3
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