ADRiTEL was founded by Anneth Nordstrand in 1988, and was one of Sweden’s first telemarketing organizations. The company developed quickly developing services for its exacting customers, mainly in Information Technology. Today, the company works principally with customer service, surveys and B2B telemarketing . ADRiTEL is now considered to be one of Sweden’s most reputed firms in the contact center industry. Since 1998, the company has held and maintained its AAA-rating throughout the years, and in 1999 the company was awarded one of Sweden’s most prestigious business awards, The Gazelle. We work closely together with our customers to understand their needs and adapt our offering to suit their requirements, and tailor our solutions to the project in hand. At ADRiTEL, quality is the basis for everything that we do, and we work hard to nurture and develop our customers’ and partners’ relations with their clients.
Adress: Box 340, 201 23 Malmö | Besöksadress: Hans Michelsensg. 1B Malmö | Tel 040 - 18 34 34 | Fax 040 - 18 25 35 | E-post: info@adritel.se