Would you like to find out what could happen to your sales if we would help you increase the number of leads? With more than 25 years of experience in the Contact Center industry ADRiTEL has a number of specialized services to offer. By engaging ADRiTEL you as an entrepreneur can focus on your company’s core business and get the best results in Customer Service, Market Research and B2B Telemarketing. As a result of working with long-term quality in our line of work, we have many loyal and returning customers. As an international company and perform our services in a number of other languages ​​besides English and Swedish.

Support / Service Notification

Good customer service is vital for your business to retain existing customers and attract new ones.



What would you like to know about how your customers think about you and what they really want?


B2B telemarketing

What could happen to your sales if we could help you increase the number of leads?


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